Olympia Rafa Solidarity Mural Project

As my partner and I make our way up north this month, we were very fortunate to stop in Olympia, WA, to visit with our dear friend Sarah, an Anne Braden Program alum as well, who is doing incredible work with the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project. Look at this beautiful community work of art and activism!

Olympia Rafah Mural

Here is more information from their website, about this incredible mural project:

The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project, co-produced by Break the Silence Mural and Arts Project and the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice, was made possible by the collective effort of more than 150 groups and individuals–from local to global, from Olympia, Washington to Rafah, Palestine, from Turtle Island to Latin America to Sri Lanka and Indonesia to Derry, Ireland to Tel Aviv, Israel.

This multi-media project aims to build relationships across movements, cultures and great distances. It honors those who have lost their lives striving for liberation, and seeks to strengthen and make more visible the efforts of some of the many organizations and individuals who dare to imagine a different world.

You can call the wall to listen to descriptions of each of the groups that is represented on the mural.

Needless to say, we left feeling immensely inspired by this incredible example of community solidarity. Onward!

Art Auction in support of Unist’ot’en Camp Healing Centre

Three community-based artists are teaming up to sell artwork in support of the Unist’ot’en Camp Healing Centre.

What is the Healing Centre all about? For five years now the Unist’ot’en Camp has been a bastion against the many fossil fuel pipelines proposed to cross the northern part of British Columbia. Each year​ we have grown in strength and reach. Last year, with the generous financial support of hundreds of people just like you, a secure ​​Bunk​ ​​House was constructed at the Camp. Sleeping as many as 20 people at a time, the bunk house has enabled activists to maintain a substantial presence at the Camp through all seasons.

Many people first get involved with the Unist’ot’en Camp because our stance is clear and no nonsense – there will be no pipelines built on Unist’ot’en land. But they soon realize that the Camp is much more than just a blockade. It is a place of learning, of healing, of connecting with nature, of breaking with the legacy of colonization. Now this work will be expanded and consolidated through the establishment of a Healing Centre.

The Unist’ot’en Camp Healing Centre ​will have indigenous youth as its main focus. The Centre ​will contain counselling rooms, meeting rooms,​a kitchen and dining hall​ and sleeping quarters (From: http://unistotencamp.com/?p=1083)

So far, supporters of the camp have raised a lot of funds and we hope to raise some more, through the sale of artwork online. Here is the online Fundrazer site: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/axsMd/ab/24dGu0

Xaanja and Zephaniah Free, artists based on Lkwungen, WSANEC and Esquimalt territories in the city of Victoria, have donated the following work:

Tree of Life WaterTableJug





Free, Xanja Ganja. Tree of Life: Water Table Jug. 2014. Ceramic Scuplture (Jug). 6.25 inches tall x 5 inches wide. Minimum bid $150.

Nature is FREE donated prints framed

Free, Xanja Ganja. “Nature is FREE”. 2014. Ink on Stonehenge paper. 4 x 6 inch print (linocut). Minimum bid $35.

beautiful courage xfree

Free, Xanja Ganja. “Beautiful Courage” (Dipdytch). 2014. 2 Acrylic Paintings, 8 x 11 Inch Canvas Paper. $500.

Beautiful Courage Poem xfree

LaughingatDeath zfree

Free, Zephaniah. “Laughing at Death” (Diptych). 2014. Fine Art Poster Prints of Ink Drawing. 18 x 24 Inches. Minimum bid $70.

personae xfree

Free, Xanja Ganja. “Personae”. 2014. Fine Art Poster Print of Drypoint Print. 18 x 24 Inches. Minimum bid $35.
witches sabbath zfree







Free, Zephaniah. “Witches Sabbath”. 2014. Fine Art Poster Prints of Scratch Point Etching. 18 x 22 Inches. Minimum bid $35.

Annie Banks, currently living on Ohlone territories in the city of Oakland, California, has donated the following artwork:
MD AB Linocut 2015
Banks, Annie and Mutope Duguma. “Each of Us”. 2015. Ink on paper, 8 X 11 print (lino-cut). Minimum bid: $50.00

Dignity and Liberation

Banks, Annie. “Dignity and Liberation”. 2014. Ink on paper, 12 X 20 print (lino-cut). Minimum bid: $150.00

If you would like to purchase any of this artwork, please contact anniembanks@gmail.com.

Donations can be made to Unist’ot’en Camp by:

General donations: Checks can be sent to: Tse Wedi Eltlh at 620 CN Station Road, Smithers BC, V0J-2N1 or send an e-transfer to fhuson (at) gmail.com (be sure to send the e-transfer password in a separate email to the same email address)

Unistoten Camp’s website: http://unistotencamp.com/?p=935

Fundraiser for most recent project, the Healing Center, currently being built at the camp: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/axsMd/ab/24dGu0

And more suggestions on how to support here: http://unistotencamp.com/?page_id=24

5th Round of the Anne Braden Program Complete

For the past seven months, I have had the immense privilege of living again on Ohlone territories, in Oakland, California, to take part in the Anne Braden Program once again, but this time as a Braden Leadership Team member.

More about the program here: http://collectiveliberation.org/our-work-2/the-anne-braden-anti-racist-organizing-training-program/

The entire, invaluable 2015 reader here: http://collectiveliberation.org/our-work-2/the-anne-braden-anti-racist-organizing-training-program/2015-abp/

And once again, it has been completely transformative for me. I have learned immense and incredibly important lessons – and the timing couldn’t be more important, as both the incredible and beautiful resistance and resurgence of opposition to white supremacy abounds, and the horrific reality of racist violence continues.

For now, I want to share the beautiful panels that the Catalyst Project has organized during the Anne Braden Program this year. Each one is so full of incredible insights and amazing speakers – please take the time to watch and if you can, share with people you know – a dear comrade of mine has even been organizing community screenings.

Videos and transcripts of Catalyst Project’s panels: http://collectiveliberation.org/annebradenprogramcompleted/


Anti-Racist Organizing Strategies Panel

Another World is Possible: Visionary Politics Panel

and Photos from Indigenous Resilience and Resistance to Colonization Panel

As you can see, this organization is doing a huge amount of work to support anti-racist organizing. Please consider making a donation in support of this work. You can donate online here: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1391439


New video from Unist’ot’en Camp: Please share!

Please see the latest video from Unist’ot’en Camp here


From their Facebook page:

Despite numerous correspondences of “No to all pipelines” on Unist’ot’en en territories – TransCanada Coastal GasLink has been ignoring our hereditary governance system and infringing on Unist’ot’en Territory through Canadian Helicopters, Getumdone Contracting, and McElaney Survey crews. See the disrespect of this greedy industry in action.


More updates on http://unistotencamp.com/

Also, Unist’ot’en Camp’s 6th annual summer action camp is coming up July 8-12 and you can sign up here.

6th Annual camp

And there are many ways to support the camp, please see the following info!

General donations: Checks can be sent to: Tse Wedi Eltlh at 620 CN Station Road, Smithers BC, V0J-2N1 or send an e-transfer to fhuson (at) gmail.com (be sure to send the e-transfer password in a separate email to the same email address)

Unistoten Camp’s website: http://unistotencamp.com/?p=935

Fundraiser for most recent project, the Healing Center, currently being built at the camp: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/axsMd/ab/24dGu0

More suggestions on how to support here: http://unistotencamp.com/?page_id=24

And they have an updated list of wanted items and supplies here (from: https://unistotencampsignup.wordpress.com/):

Camp List of Needs: Food Items: Potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, squash, cabbage, rutabaga, apples, oranges, limes, lemons, avocado, cucumber, peppers, kale, spinach, lettuce, flour, oats, canola oil, rice, quinoa, cornstarch, dried chickpeas, peanut butter, nuts (cashews, almonds, macadamia, other), raisins (sulphite free), butter

Note: most food items are needed in LARGE quantities! If you can try, try to connect with a supplier or grocery store that might be willing to donate!

Non-Food Items: large coolers, work gloves, food-grade buckets with lids, clipboards, markers (permanent/dry erase), cloth tape, precision torque bits, waterproof dry bags, quality baking pans…. and of course, cash!

~ “End Police Brutality” poster for sale as fundraiser ~

This poster, “End Police Brutality” is the result of a collaboration between David James Hudson, Molly Jane and myself in 2013, based around elements of David’s spoken word piece, “Another Unoriginal Poem about Police Brutality” (http://is.gd/aupapb).


Copies of the poster are for sale by donation as a fundraiser for Yuvette Henderson’s family and the Ferguson Rapid Response Leadership Fund/Racial Justice Rapid Response Fund. Would you or someone you know like a copy of this? Please share and get in touch if you would like to order posters & please see below for more information.
I will mail or bring you a color, 11 X 17 print of this poster. We are asking for sliding scale $10 – 50 for a poster, pay what you can, with all of the proceeds going to be split between:
Support for Yuvette Henderson’s Family
On Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 Oakland Resident and mother of two, Yuvette Henderson was killed by Emeryville Police Department in West Oakland. She was 38 years old when her life was stolen. Yuvette leaves behind a 15 year old son and an 11 year old daughter and her family is in need of support.  Please make a donation to hold up Yuvette Henderson’s family in this time of tragedy.  All funds collected will go towards funeral expenses and the needs of Yuvette’s 2 teenage children. (From: http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/support-yuvette-henderson-s-family/306346)*
*While this online fundraiser has ended, Yuvette’s family is still accepting support and so half of all funds raised will be given to her family.

The Ferguson Rapid Response Leadership Fund/Racial Justice Rapid Response Fund (https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1438459)*
Organizers in Ferguson have set up two funds through the Movement Strategy Center that can be selected from the drop down menu at this link. “Ferguson Leadership Rapid Response Fund” will support young leaders that have lost jobs and housing in order to organize full-force in this moment. “Racial Justice Rapid Response Fund” supports organizers who are working on the ground in Ferguson and nationally to keep the focus on police violence in black communities. (From: http://collectiveliberation.org/in-the-time-of-ferguson/)

*You can either donate directly or I can forward on what you donate for the poster to this fund.
To buy a poster or if you have any questions, please contact me (Annie) at anniembanks at gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

“It felt like there was no end to the screaming sadness: one sister’s take on #mmiw” by Melina Laboucan-Massimo

Dear readers, please read this powerful piece, “It felt like there was no end to the screaming sadness: one sister’s take on #mmiw”, by Melina Laboucan-Massimo, sister of Bella Laboucan-McLean. Bella was murdered tragically in 2013 and in this article, Melina addresses the ongoing colonial violence that has so deeply impacted her life and the lives of all the family members of missing and murdered Indigenous women #MMIW:


Bella Laboucan-McLean.

~ With love to the family and the memory of Bella Laboucan-McLean ~


Original Artwork in Support of the Ancestral Pride Chainsaw Fund! Support the Sovereign Housing Project and Get Art!

Original Artwork in Support of the Ancestral Pride Chainsaw Fund! Support the Sovereign Housing Project and Get Art!

Ancestral Pride (http://ancestralpride.ca/), “Gwaiina and Xhopakelxhit sovereign Ahoushat / Snuneymuxw. NYM og’s, West Coast warriors seeking to create a culture of resistance by: asserting the jurisdiction and authority we have over our lives and lands. We are in resistance to colonization, industrial land death, mining, logging, pipelines and the illegally occupying military force of so called canada. We also are part of a larger network of decolonizing sovereign nations. Husband and wife, mother and father, grandfather and grandmother, allies in solidarity with those are fighting for our rights to a future for our great great great grandchildren. Nothing more, nothing less, dedicated to our way of life, and to upholding the ways of our ancestors” whose aim is to “ensure the continuity of the land, by educating ourselves, and others as much as we can about the need to connect with our home lands”, is fundraising for a chainsaw! This will support the work Ancestral Pride does in the Sovereign Housing Project:

The project will address our three biggest concerns, protecting the land, housing, and feeding ourselves adequately and well. We are seeking those who are willing to help us build and grow as a village because this kind of movement is the wave of the future, we are in a unique position in that we occupy an island that is not adjacent to any other towns or cities we can do this with little to no impunity.

Ahousaht First Nation is comprised of 1600 band members 900 of whom live on reserve, it is part of the 14 Nuu Chah Nulth tribes and also the largest. Located on Flores Island 45 minutes by boat north west of Tofino British Columbia it is one of the last vast (semi)untouched tracts of rainforest left in B.C. Ahousaht has the privilege and the distinction of being able to remain on their original village site despite colonization and disenfranchisement of the Nuu Chah Nulth as a whole.

Since the time of contact, they have been forced to send away their children to residential schools, endured the 60′s and 70′s scoop of children by foster care, had their spiritual and traditional ways stripped from them by the Potlatch ban, and forced to adopt a foreign and unpalatable way of life in order to endure til this day. Indigenous knowledge and spirituality have been hidden and lost to them and their children resulting in a reserve that has a high rate of alcohol and drug abuse, child apprehension, poverty, and 3rd world living conditions. Romanced by promises of riches from corporate industry with little to no monetary return to date it is time for Ahousaht to reclaim Indigenous Sovereignty in a healthy and economically viable manner.

Indigenous pathways will be used to implement cultural pride, recover knowledge that has been lost, create a new way for the future. From: http://ancestralpride.ca/?page_id=7

These original lino-cut prints are available for $50 – $150 (or more!), with all the proceeds going to the Sovereign Housing Project. If you would like a print shipped to you, it is $10 for shipping in addition to your kind donation. Please send all donations to mamazonscreations@gmail.com.

Support land defenders and get original artwork today!